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Her Story

"Madiha Rizvi is a philanthropist, educator, businesswoman, and social entrepreneur. Initially pursuing a medical career, her early diagnosis of muscular dystrophy - CMT led her to shift her focus to Economics, Political Science, and the Arts, ultimately earning her Bachelor's degree. She furthered her education with a Master's in Business Administration, majoring in finance.

Beginning her career in banking, Madiha's leadership skills garnered recognition and awards. She aims to specialize in investment banking and wealth management. Following her marriage, she devoted herself to raising a family.

Passionate about various topics including mindsets, family dynamics, justice, technology, and social entrepreneurship, Madiha actively seeks IT-based solutions for education in impoverished regions. Collaborating with UNESCO and signing Memoranda of Understanding with prominent non-profits in Pakistan, she champions educational and business initiatives.

Madiha is committed to securing research-based projects with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada to aid poverty-stricken regions. A staunch advocate for human rights, economic development, and peace, she engages in research-driven resolutions both locally and globally.

Politically active, Madiha believes in collaborative public service, drawing inspiration from her family's philanthropic and business background. Despite facing health challenges and the loss of her father to liver cancer in 2019, she remains dedicated to her legacy.

Chairing two non-profit organizations and a social entrepreneurship-focused business corporation, Madiha works on sustainable projects in Technology, Supply Chain, Construction, and Energy sectors, supporting The Global Alliance Canada Org in empowering the less-privileged. Amidst the pandemic, she enhanced her skills at Harvard University and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in sustainable economics and taxation.

Engaged in community work, Madiha spearheads a test project for seniors with the Government of Canada and aims to create job opportunities for marginalized groups while addressing systemic issues like racism and Indigenous rights.

Despite challenges, Madiha remains resilient and compassionate, serving as a role model as a Mother, Wife, Human Rights and Peace Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader."

"Looking at history and working towards viable solutions in this post-pandemic era. It is essential that we mutually eliminate capitalism and analyze the harm of tribalism -It is only a matter of shifting mindsets and realizing our end of life, that empowering others becomes a pleasure."

Madiha Rizvi


2482 Yonge Street #1219
Toronto, ON M4P 2H5

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