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Her Story

Madiha Rizvi is a philanthropist, educator, businesswoman, and social entrepreneur. She started her early education in the medical field since she dreamed of becoming a doctor. Her early diagnosis of muscular dystrophy - CMT made her change her field of studies, and she continued her studies in Economics, Political Science and Arts while completing her Bachelor's degree. She completed her Master in Business Administration degree with a major in finance.

She started her career as a banker to grow as an investment banker. Her leadership skills were reflected in her outstanding performance in the bank, winning her an award. However, after her marriage, she dedicated her time to raising a family.

She passionately talks about mindsets, robust family systems, the relationship of conflicts - religion - peace, compassionate justice, technology, green economy, collective impact, economic development, and social entrepreneurship.

Madiha is assiduously involved in finding IT-based solutions for education in poverty-stricken regions and is active with UNESCO for the same cause. In 2019 she signed MoUs with two renowned non-profits organizations in Pakistan to work on educational and business projects. 

She is also focussing on winning a bid with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada on research-based projects in poverty-stricken regions. She is a strong advocate for human rights, economic development, and peace. She is diligently engaged in Canada and Globally, working on resolutions through research.

Madiha is politically active because she believes that public service is a collaborative partnership of government, non-profits, and the private sector.

She is a granddaughter of a very famous philanthropist, businessman and industrialist. Her helping nature and business acumen comes naturally to her, and she inherited an interest in politics due to her parents' involvement.

She is a mother of two beautiful sons. Her pregnancy with the second child was life-threatening, which she overcame with the excitement of having her son. She devoted her self raising her kids as a single parent because of her husband's work in another city. She kept herself busy with kids and chasing her passion with volunteer work in the community.  She dreams that her sons will continue the legacy she is building as a team.  

Unfortunately, her health got neglected for these past years, and she lost her father in 2019 to liver cancer. Ongoing, she is working with a team of doctors and other professionals for rehabilitation to help her continue building the legacy. 

At present, she is chairing two non-profit organizations, and a business corporation focused on social entrepreneurship. She is working on sustainable projects in Technology, Supply Chain, Construction and Energy sectors. The projects are to support The Global Alliance Canada Org empowering the less-privileged. Last year, she joined Harvard University to introduce her projects to the University seeking to add value to her skills. She plans to pursue her Ph.D. in sustainable economics and taxation soon.

Madiha is active in community work and is working on a test project for seniors with the Government of Canada. She is involved in bringing jobs at home for stay home mothers, differently-abled, youth, seniors, and reservists. Has been working on Racism in Canada to bring long-term solutions. She aims to create projects for the Indigenous to fight the longstanding issues faced by the community.   

Nothing can ever stop her from achieving her goals and inspiring.  She is a resilient and compassionate Mother, Wife, Human Rights and Peace Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader. 

"Looking at history and working towards viable solutions in this post-pandemic era. It is essential that we mutually eliminate capitalism and analyze the harm of tribalism -It is only a matter of shifting mindsets and realizing our end of life, that empowering others becomes a pleasure."

Madiha Rizvi


PO Box 36552 Mac TAGGART,

Edmonton, AB T6R0T4, Canada

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