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[S4E7] Sudden Death

Blimey. Poldark always has a habit of upping the ante just before the finale and in the showstopping penultimate episode we got a very explicit Ross/Demelza sex scene, a duel, a sudden paternity-related crack in the George/Elizabeth marriage and a showdown between Morwenna and Drake.

[S4E7] Sudden Death

Personally, it would have been nice to see a big four-way brawl at the end. With lots of casualties on all four sides of the conflict, the emerging candidates could then have stepped forward and took part in their game. With deaths piling up around them, that could have then been used as ammunition to spur the group on.

Sofia admits she was in jail for 54 months. She reveals she had it coming and accepted whatever prison sentence they wanted to give her without complaining because she was in fact guilty of negligence in the death of her young daughter.

Sun is going through the medical supplies, to find her pre-natal vitamins, when Juliet arrives suddenly. She confronts Sun about why she would need a new bottle, unless she is going on a trip. Juliet reminds Sun that pregnant women die on the Island and Sun needs to escape, but Sun doesn't trust Juliet and takes the pills anyway, still determined to go to Locke's group.

Shortly after K'mpec's death, the new challengers arrive. One is Gowron, an a political outsider no one knows much about. The other is Duras, the same man whose political influence forced Worf's father to take the fall for the Khitomer Massacre in place of his own.

Worf rushes over to Duras's ship. Despite his low standing, his right to avenge the death of his mate takes precedence, and no one on the crew lifts a finger to stop him from challenging Duras to a Duel to the Death. Duras accepts his challenge, and a mighty bat'leth-on-sword fight ensues. The fight ends with Riker arriving just in time to see Duras Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.

Paris thanks him and leaves. He goes to a corridor console, calls up a plan of the ship, makes sure nobody is around, and initiates a site-to-site transport. He materializes in engineering, there to meet Torres. They kiss but, as they do so, a strange effect is seen: they are anatomically scanned, right down to their skeletons. Torres suddenly gets the feeling that they are being watched but dismisses it and the pair continue kissing each other.

Captain Janeway, Paris, Kim and Seven of Nine are in sickbay, around Torres' biobed. The Doctor is absent and sickbay is now full of patients. Paris reports that Torres' lungs suddenly ceased to process oxygen, nearly killing her. Janeway looks disheveled and sleepless as her migraines have increased in intensity. She asks about The Doctor. Kim explains that the computer logs show he was trying to transfer himself to sickbay and he theorizes that something must have gone wrong with the transfer.

After a money-laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong, financial advisor Marty Byrde proposes to make amends by offering to set up a bigger laundering operation in the Lake of the Ozarks region of central Missouri. Marty suddenly moves his family from the Chicago suburb of Naperville to the remote summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri.[15] When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become entangled with local criminals, including the Langmore and Snell families, and later the Kansas City mafia.[8]

Guy welcomes the eight remaining battle-tested chefs to contend with the dreaded randomizer and take on each other in sudden death battles. By the night's end, four chefs will be left standing and need to get ready for battle in the finale.

A documentary film crew follows a teenager with a serious facial disfiguration in order to make a film about his reconstructive surgery. Just before they start operating, Chase talks to the documentary crew about the surgery, but suddenly the patient's heart rate rises, and he starts to defibrillate and is soon in cardiac arrest. They manage to use the defibrillator to revive him, but they can't stabilize his heartbeat. They have to fit him with a pacemaker wire.

The team discusses the patient vomiting blood. House notices his team is now dressed up and/or wearing makeup. House likes only Samira's idea, but Foreman shoots it down. Cole comes up with a workable idea, and Taub backs down on intra-cranial pressure before the camera. When he leaves, he tells Cole he didn't want to back down, he just didn't want to look bad on camera. Taub reassures the father, even though he knows that the procedure could cause the patient to bleed to death.

All of which pretty suddenly left Richard II as the only member of the main stem left to take throne at age 10, with all his powerful uncles hanging around, and everyone had to deal with that for a while, and then he grew up and everyone had to deal with that for longer, and all the while the French under Charles V piled up victory after victory.

Eventually Grace makes her way to the next challenge and walks into her own persona locked chamber. Inside are a couple different puzzles meant to be solved. One of them has a bunch of pictures from around the Galloway property on the island and they have to be shifted into the right place; Grace does that, only for the room to squeeze smaller. She rushes to complete one of the other puzzles, a map with a bunch of markers all over it. The final one has a plaque about it, questioning the identity of the killer, along with a bunch of triangle shapes with family members faces on them. Flashback to showing how far Grace would go to get what she wants. We see Annette was getting better all of a sudden, and Grace decided to put her out of her misery anyway, injecting the woman with drugs and killing her.

Shields, 51, was found dead Aug. 10 in his Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan. At the time, New York police told reporters for The New York Post and the local NBC affiliate that his death was being investigated as a possible overdose.

Dr. Okoye draws Holden's blood, and as they wait for the analysis, they talk about The Investigator. Holden is burdened by the responsibility of being the only person able to talk to it, and by the constant nightmares and visions of death that it sends him, but Okoye says she would kill to be in his place, the only human being able to contact an advanced alien civilization and get answers to humanity's biggest questions. Holden tells her it's not the same when you don't get a choice.

The chainsaws start killing the hostages. Kunikida and the others are suddenly transported to the spot of the culprits. Meanwhile, Nikolai also ties himself to the chainsaws. Ranpo calls Kunikida and tells them to get out. At the same time, Tonan reveals through the phone that the culprits are the Armed Detective Agency. 041b061a72


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