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Over The Top - In This Country (Music Video)

Morgan has released plenty of videos, with many focusing on her stunning beauty, but maybe her best venture into the CMT world was this 1993 advertisement for this single from her Watch Me. In the video, Morgan alternates between remembering special times with her former lover, and also the pain of watching him move on. The leading man in the video was Kris Kristofferson, ensuring that we bet Morgan had a great day at the office while filming this one.

Over The Top - In This Country (Music Video)

In 2003, American Idol was at its popularity peak, and Brad Paisley took a comical aim at the series with this entry into the greatest country video list with a film that took a shot at the excesses of being in the public eye. William Shatner parodies the Simon Cowell role on AI brilliantly, with appearances from Jason Alexander, Jim Belushi, Little Jimmy Dickens, and Bachelor star Trista Rehn. How could one not love a guest list like that?

Wallen's "7 Summers" and Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus' "This Is Us" are the outliers on this list of the top videos, but the Tennessee native's newest music video seems destined for the kind of all-platform success as his other video found below. Collaborative efforts were huge in 2020, with three of the Top 10 videos featuring more than one star artist, and at least one video featuring three!

But seriously: country music isn't all pickups, whiskey, fights, American flags and men wearing extremely big hats. Sure, some of it is, but at its core, country's all about overcoming hardship, familial pride and heartbreak. Those values span the legacy of the genre, from Hank Williams to Willie Nelson to Dolly Parton and all the way up to Lil Nas X's breakout and Orville Peck's alt-country anthems. There's pop country and disco country, traditional country and outlaw country. But at its heart, all country is intertwined.

Despite its inherently somber topic, this feel-good, hip-swaying tune finds McGraw waxing poetic over the ability to truly live life to the fullest. The track and video both cleaned up at the 2004 CMAs and ACM Awards, and it has some solid bucket list advice (just ignore the part about bull riding, maybe).

In this second installment of Hallowed Sound, journalists from the USA TODAY Network examine the state of race in country music, scour the South in search of untold stories and shine a light on a new, eclectic generation of Black artists.

In between, Allen has carved a name for himself as a country music superstar-in-the-making. In 2019, he became the first Black singer to send his debut single, "Best Shot," to No. 1 on the country radio charts; earlier this year, Allen took home the ACM Award for New Male Artist of the Year.

His summer and fall includes tour dates supporting Brad Paisley, where they'll likely sing "Freedom Was A Highway," a duet the country singers released last year on Allen's "Bettie James" project. On the release, Allen enlisted Mickey Guyton, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, Nelly and, of course, Charley Pride. He released an extended edition of the album earlier this year, with collaborations from Babyface, Keith Urban, Little Big Town and more.

Toward the end of the 1980s, country music began changing from the twangy songs of eras past to the rock-inspired sounds of today. In "Young Country," Hank Williams Jr. defends this transition, shutting down country music purists' complaints with the help of several other vocalists including Steve Earle, Dana McVicker, and Keith Whitley.The music video is essentially a mash-up of clips celebrating the old (cowboys on horses) and the new (babies in cowboy hats).

Hank Williams Sr. originally recorded "There's a Tear in My Beer" in the 1950s but never released the song. In the 1980s, his son, Hank Williams Jr., recorded his own rendition of the track, and, using digital editing software, turned both versions into a duet. Using similar editing technologies, Hank Williams Jr. then created a music video for the duet by essentially superimposing clips of himself singing the song over old footage of his father performing.

Dedicated to Tanya Tucker's parents, who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1992, "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane" is about one couple's love story as it grows and changes through various stages of life. The music video is set in one room of the couple's apartment and we watch them flirt as teenage lovers, struggle as young parents, and reconnect as retirees.

In 1999, Faith Hill won the award for Top Country Music video for the third year in a row. This time it was for her song "Breathe," which is about the way it feels to be in your lover's arms. The music video reportedly drew some controversy for its racy shots of a seemingly nude Hill laying in a silk-sheeted bed.

"Before He Cheats," a song about a woman getting revenge on a cheating partner, was the first country song to rack up 2 million digital downloads. In the music video for the record-setting track, Carrie Underwood, fresh off an "American Idol" win, is shown decimating her unfaithful man's truck and confronting him and his new love interest. In addition to winning the ACM for Video of the Year, the video also swept the CMT Awards in every category for which it was nominated.

"Highway Don't Care" was not only a collaboration between Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban but between the country musicians and Vanderbilt University. All parties used the music video as a way to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The main female character in the video, who's texting while driving, gets into a crash and has to be flown by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Chris Janson shut down a four-block stretch of Nashville's entertainment district to film the music video for this 2018 song about respecting women, particularly when they're at their most vulnerable. The clip flashes back and forth between shots of Janson playing and singing at a piano and shots of a young intoxicated woman being victimized at a college frat party. The video, which Janson told People made him cry the first time he saw it, ends with a man doing the right thing, ensuring the drunk woman gets home safely without taking advantage of her.

A party anthem through and through, "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" became the first female duet to top the country charts in almost 30 years, since Reba McEntire and Linda Davis's "Does He Love You" in 1993. The video, which is every bit as fun as the song itself, sees Elle King, dressed up as a very '80s bride, and Miranda Lambert, her maid of honor, having the time of their lives at a wedding reception.

Paisley called on female fans for help with his 'Perfect Storm' video, asking them to send in photos of themselves in t-shirts, to coincide with the lyrics: "And she destroys me in that t-shirt / And I love her so much it hurts." This clip is fan engagement at its finest -- and made those who were picked feel extra special in 2014. (Even Paisley's wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, makes a cameo!) The singer was committed to making this music video memorable, standing in the pouring rain while being filmed, and an electric guitar solo combined with amazing visual effects adds up to one great video.

Fans are used to seeing Owen bumming on the beach, walking around barefoot and exuding a laid-back surfer personality, all while looking the part, in his music videos. But this clip is different. Owen cites the song, which is a call to focus on what we have (instead of "what we ain't got") as one of the greatest tunes he's ever recorded, and the visual is quite the tearjerker. Simple yet powerful imagery makes the 'What We Ain't Got' video a touching, eye-opening and standout video from 2014.

'Bartender' was the first single from Lady A's '747' record, and fans clinked their glasses in cheers. The song's music video was nominated for a CMA Award, and trio member Charles Kelley calls 'Bartender' his favorite video the group has ever done ... though that could be because of its special guests: sexy supermodel Kate Upton and actor Tony Hale. Instead of a typical rebound story, frontwoman Hillary Scott is shown getting out with the girls (including Upton), downing drinks (via bartender Hale) and having plenty of fun. Now that's the way to get over a breakup!

Brice's platinum-selling 'I Don't Dance' struck a chord with many, and it will be a classic first dance song for newlyweds for the foreseeable future. The tune takes the (wedding) cake as one of the sweetest songs of 2014, and the music video, which depicts scenes from Brice's own wedding, is the icing on top. This clip captures the entirely heartwarming emotion of giddy excitement, along with some truly special moments from Brice's big day. Combining his personal life with his passion for music was a great choice for Brice -- and it helped land him on this list.

This sibling trio knows how to captivate an audience, and their hit 'Chainsaw' is fantastic live. But TBP's music video for the tune takes it one step further: The band treks into the forest for a little fun, turning this breakup anthem into a great clip. Anyone who feels that "love is shady" will love this video, in which the Perry siblings are, essentially, a tree removal service for the brokenhearted, cutting down trees engraved with the initials of lovers no longer in love. They show no remorse, hacking down trees with a massive chainsaw, cutting ties once and for all. The Band Perry's music videos are always entertaining, but this one is ranked sky high in our books. 041b061a72


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