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Download Star Wars: Rebel Assault I II PC Gam...

Available craft to fly are seven starfighters. Like the films, the player initially pilots craft such as the TIE Fighter, TIE/sa bomber, and TIE/IN interceptor, all of which lack shields and a hyperdrive. However, there are few missions where the player is part of swarms of fragile craft conducting near suicidal assaults (as what the canonical Imperial Navy would do).

Download Star Wars: Rebel Assault I II PC Gam...

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The Collector's Edition featured a completely redone introduction cutscene, all of it was fully rendered. There is now a Super Star Destroyer and a Nebulon-B frigate alongside the many Imperial Star Destroyers. During the assault on the Rebel platform, the Imperials are attacking with TIE Bombers instead of just TIE Interceptors, making the assault more realistic as starfighters' laser cannons would have been unable to do significant damage to a large space station. However the kind of bombs they use to bombard the facility, do not appear in-game.

Rebel Assault was one of the first CD-ROM games to come out when the entire idea of games on CD was young. It's a small side story of a random pilot in the rebel alliance. You're not a jedi, just a regular soldier. The game begins with training in Beggar's Canyon and then participating in some battles, like systematically taking down a star destroyer, raiding an imperial base, and flying through an asteroid field. The graphics are an innovative (for the time) full motion video, played out over computer generated backgrounds. You'd better have a joystick for the piloting segments because I could not do well at all using the keyboard. Even then, it's not easy. I like the opening level a bit too much. It was my first taste of an expanded universe. When Luke said, "Just like flying through Beggar's Canyon back home" and I first saw Beggar's Canyon, it was a treat. So, for everyone's Star Wars bucket list, tripping an AT-AT, flying the Death Star trench, using Force powers and a lightsabre, you can now cross off Beggar's Canyon. 041b061a72


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