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At we sell exlusive and premium quality djembe drums and other musical instruments from west Africa. Every single djembe drum or djembe drum shell is carefully hand selected and custom built. All carvings made on djembemafia drums are the result of the work of the current best malian and guinean carvers. All shells are transported to the Czech Republic, where they are finished with the maximum care and love. Using the best materials and technical enhancements such as multiple oiling, waxing, clearing, best possible ropes and many more secrets, I bring you the absolutly unique and unmistakable hitches designs, look and sound quality! I carefully select each goat, calf or cow skin specifically for each djembe shell to achieve the best sound and design results. I use only the best pre-stretched high firmness and low dilatability ropes. All djembemafia made djembes last highly tuned and the great look lasts much longer than other lower quality ropes usually used on most other djembes. The unique and original hitches designs are an unmistakable signature of djembemafia drums that makes every single piece a rare original of the highest quality.

buy djembe

In this category, you will find professional djembe drum shells on retail. All my djembe drums are made from traditional hard exotic woods. We offer you not only classic shape varieties such as Malian, Guinean and Burkina Faso shapes, but also the brand new djembemafia exclusive original djembe shapes I personally created for you - Torisikila (aka "Mushroom"), Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali Burkina shape. We also offer you the one special new exclusive carving style called Diamond. You can choose from a broad range of shapes, wood types, sizes, carving levels and designs from our djembe drum shells. Each djembe shells includes polished 8mm stainless steel rings! Dont miss my other provided services like complete woodcare (sanding+oiling+finishing or rubberfoot. You can also choose from the wide range of special professional pre-stretched djembe ropes. Contact me for djembe shells, skins or finished drums wholesale and get exclusive prices!

Djembemafia proudly presents to you the brand newdjembe drums from long awaited Thomas Guei Signature Series collection! The whole collection consits of just 10 very special djembe drums. Thomas Guei is one of the very best djembe masters (djembefolas) in the world. Thomas comes from the Ivory Coast, and is famous for his amazing djembe technic, djembe sounds, unbelieavable speed, melodies and most of all, for his unmistakable unique musical language. His refined taste isn't only in his muscal production, but the choice of his instrument - his personal djembe drums as well. All djembe drums from the Thomas Guei Signature Series underlie a strict selection and specific criteria which Thomas insists for each of his own personal drums. The crucial criterion is the dimension. The smallests djembe drum form the whole series has a 36cm width head, the playing surface. The smallest one! You will even find such a big beast at 39,5 cm among them! All these djembe drums are made only from very hard, dense and slow growing african woods. The tree needed to build such a big drum is at least 100 years old. Only this fact makes the tree itself, its wood and the drums built from it very rare and valuable. All djembe drums from the Thomas Guei Signature Series are skinned with rare "djembefola" spotted thick goat skins. They all have a white or black tackless rubber foot and special decorative tack work which accents the artistic carvings. Only the most precious and expensive materials were used to build these djembe drums and they were carried out with the maximum of care, love, effort and time. Im honoured to present to you the result of collaboration between Djembemafia and one of the best djembe players in the world, Thomas Guei. I build all my drums with love, as I would build them for myself. It is a Djembamafia standard. Those were built with the same love and effort and according to the specific demands and needs of Thomas Guei. You can see if he likes the result by yourself on the video sound checks Thomas Guei recorded for each particular djembe drum from the collection, chosen himself with pleasure.

DjembeMafia is the next new generation percussion shop and service company rooted in the music of West Africa. We offer you the best quality djembe drums,percussion and other musical instruments and accessories from West Africa as well as a professional service of all kind including team-building,regular classes,workshops, instrument repairs,djembe tuning and much more.

We're proud to say we have the largest and best selection of djembes in the DC Metro area! We work with a number of different suppliers and our selection is constantly changing. Below, we'll list examples of some of the drums we usually have in stock. Keep in mind that each wooden djembe is handmade and appearances will vary. Sizes, specs and prices are all subject to change depending on availability from our suppliers. The best way to purchase a djembe is to visit our shop and try out as many as you like; they all sound different! If you are just starting out and not sure what you're looking for or how to get a good sound out of the drum, we'll be happy to demo drums for you. If you can't visit us in person, we'll be glad to hand-pick a drum for you out of our current selection based on the qualities you're looking for -- contact us.

Rope-tuned djembes sometimes need to have their rope tension tightened or loosened. This might be due to the player's sound preference (a "tighter" djembe produces a higher-pitched, crisp sound, while a "looser" djembe usually has more of a bass response), and/or changing climatic conditions. The natural skin heads tend to expand and loosen in humid weather, and tighten up in dry weather. If a drum gets too tight due to dry conditions, the head can split - so we recommend checking your drum often during the winter. If there is not much "give" to the head, we'd advise loosening the tension slightly. There are tutorials on YouTube you can check out to learn how to do this (it's a good skill for every player to know), but we also perform this service in-store (usually requires leaving your drum here for a few days). If you buy a djembe from us, your first adjustment is free. Otherwise, adjustments are $15. We can also rehead your djembe - see this page. If you try out a djembe at our store that you really like but the tension/pitch is not quite where you'd like it, we'll adjust it for you before you take it home.

Generally, the less expensive djembes are imported by us in bulk from a couple of different Ghanaian suppliers. They have good-quality goatskin heads, sturdy but lightweight wood shells (some plain, some carved with designs), and good quality black rope. Note: we do NOT carry "tourist quality" djembes! We have high quality standards and have worked with our suppliers directly over many years with specific requests on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. To the right is a picture of one of these drums with a 10-inch diameter head (ghanaian_10.jpg). Prices on these drums range from about $100 to $175 depending on the size.

Finally, we sometimes have larger, high-quality Ghanaian djembes from a supplier who visits us every few month and lets us hand-pick drums. They are generally about 11-12 inches in diameter with best-quality goatskin heads, heavy wood shells and rings wrapped with colorful cloth. Priced at $250-$275. These drums have a great tonal range!

Toca Djembes -- We carry a large selection of Toca "Synergy" or Freestyle Djembes. These have a fiberglass shell (several colorful finishes available) and a goatskin head (synthetic heads also available). We usually prefer the rope-tuned drums, but mechanically-tuned models are also available. Toca djembes are incredibly lightweight and easy to travel with. They have a very loud, crisp sound. If you've found that traditional wood djembes are too heavy for you, this is a great alternative. Toca djembes also have a 1-year warranty on the head: Toca will replace your drum if the head splits in that time frame. Sizes range from 9 to 14-inch diameters, and prices range from $89.00 to $225.00 We always have a big selection of these drums. Contact us for details on our most current selection. Remo Djembes -- We can special order Remo Djembes, which have a fiberglass shell and synthetic heads and are mechanically-tuned. A number of sizes and finishes are available. If you are looking for a synthetic-head drum, we recommend the Toca Freestyle djembes; we feel they sound closer to the traditional African djembes. But we can special order for you any Remo djembe. See Remo's website and contact us.

Hi all!Fairly new to Dakar (August Protected content , I am looking to purchase a djembe and want to learn how to play one. Have visited the Artisinal Market and am in contact with a potential teacher, but if anyone has any suggestions? Quality of djembe, negotiation on price, where to buy one, where to find a group to play with, teacher to learn from: all welcome!

Also, knowing the artists who make our drums personally, we know their quality first-hand and can fully guarantee our djembes to be free of the hidden flaws and weaknesses that cost people down the line.

And because we want you to have the ideal drum for you, we have established an open exchange policy. If you find true love in a new Holy Goat djembe after your original purchase, we will swap you the new drum for the old one as long it is still in good condition.

This Master Series Djembe is hand carved from Lenke timber. Lenke is a premium djembe timber, striking the balance between density and weight. Often referred to as the spiritual wood, lenke is typically orange or deep yellow in colour and offers great projection and the full tonal range of sound. It is well-suited to bigger drums and often produces powerful bass. 041b061a72


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