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Archipp Likhachev

[S1E4] Seeing Red

During what he described as a "high state of concentration," Rassier remembered seeing a person in the passenger seat of the car, a woman or child. Today, he doesn't know if that memory is real or concocted while under hypnosis. "I'm not sure whether somebody was looking out the window," he said. "In my memory, I see someone looking out the window, but I don't know if I really saw that."

[S1E4] Seeing Red

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Shawn Walker: But despite the age of my watch, the dashboard gets updated in real time. So every time I open the dashboard or I look at the health statistics on my, my phone immediately grabs the data from my watch that shows up in some graphs that look very similar to all these dashboard graphs that I'm seeing on Arizona or Georgia or Florida's website. 041b061a72


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