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Fernbus Coach Bus Simulator 2019: The Ultimate Intercity Bus Simulation Game

Coach Bus Simulator 2019: A Realistic and Fun Driving Experience

Do you love driving games? Do you want to experience what it's like to be a coach bus driver in different countries and scenarios? If you answered yes, then you should try Coach Bus Simulator 2019, a game that lets you enter the simulation world of bus driving. In this game, you can drive various coach buses, customize them, pick up and drop off passengers, follow the traffic rules, deal with realistic weather conditions, and explore an open world map. Whether you want to play casually or competitively, Coach Bus Simulator 2019 has something for you. In this article, we will tell you more about this game, its features, how to play it, and why you should play it.

What is Coach Bus Simulator 2019?

Coach Bus Simulator 2019 is a game that simulates the daily life of a coach bus driver. It is developed by Ovidiu Pop, a company that specializes in creating realistic driving games. The game is available for Android devices on Google Play, and for Windows PC on Steam. The game has received positive reviews from players and critics alike, who praised its graphics, gameplay, physics, and realism.

coach bus simulator 2019

Features of Coach Bus Simulator 2019

Coach Bus Simulator 2019 has many features that make it stand out from other driving games. Here are some of them:

Open World Map

The game has an open world map that covers various countries and regions, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and more. You can drive on highways, rural roads, city streets, and mountain roads. You can also visit famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Brandenburg Gate, and more. The map is dynamic and interactive, meaning that you can encounter different events and situations along the way.

Detailed Coach Buses

The game has a wide range of coach buses that you can choose from. Each bus has its own specifications, such as speed, acceleration, braking, fuel consumption, etc. You can also customize your bus with different colors, decals, accessories, etc. You can write anything on the side of the bus to make it more personal. The buses are modeled after real-life coach buses from famous brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, etc.

Complex Vehicle Customization

The game allows you to customize your vehicle in various ways. You can change the engine, transmission, suspension, tires, brakes, etc. to improve the performance of your bus. You can also modify the interior of your bus with different seats, steering wheels, dashboards, etc. You can even add some entertainment features for your passengers, such as TVs, radios, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

Realistic Traffic and Weather

The game has a realistic traffic system that mimics the real-life traffic conditions. You will encounter different types of vehicles on the road, such as cars, trucks, buses , motorcycles, etc. You will also have to obey the traffic rules, such as speed limits, traffic lights, signs, etc. You will also have to deal with realistic weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, etc. The weather can affect the visibility and the handling of your bus.

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Multiple Game Modes

The game has multiple game modes that you can choose from. You can play in Career Mode, where you have to complete various missions and tasks as a coach bus driver. You can also play in Free Ride Mode, where you can drive anywhere you want without any restrictions. You can also play in Multiplayer Mode, where you can join other players online and compete or cooperate with them. You can also create your own custom routes and share them with other players.

How to Play Coach Bus Simulator 2019

Coach Bus Simulator 2019 is easy to play, but hard to master. Here are some tips on how to play it:

Controls and Camera

The game has different control options that you can choose from. You can use the tilt option, where you tilt your device to steer the bus. You can use the buttons option, where you tap on the buttons on the screen to control the bus. You can use the steering wheel option, where you drag the steering wheel on the screen to steer the bus. You can also use a gamepad or a keyboard if you are playing on PC. You can also adjust the sensitivity and the vibration of the controls in the settings menu.

The game also has different camera options that you can choose from. You can use the first-person camera, where you see from the driver's perspective. You can use the third-person camera, where you see from behind or above the bus. You can use the dashboard camera, where you see from inside the bus. You can also use the free camera, where you can move the camera around freely. You can switch between the cameras by tapping on the camera icon on the screen.

Pick Up and Drop Off Passengers

The main objective of the game is to pick up and drop off passengers at different locations. You will see a yellow marker on the map that indicates where you have to go. You will also see a blue arrow on the screen that points you in the right direction. When you reach a bus stop, you have to park your bus in the designated area and open the doors for the passengers. You will see a green bar that shows how many passengers are boarding or leaving your bus. When all passengers are done, you have to close the doors and continue your journey.

Follow the Route and the Rules

The game has a realistic route system that shows you where you have to go and what you have to do. You will see a red line on the map that indicates your route. You will also see different icons on the map that indicate different events or situations, such as traffic lights, speed cameras, toll booths, gas stations, etc. You have to follow your route and avoid any deviations or detours. You also have to follow the traffic rules and avoid any violations or accidents. If you break any rules or cause any damage, you will lose money and reputation.

Earn Money and Upgrade Your Bus

The game has a realistic economy system that allows you to earn money and upgrade your bus. You will earn money for completing missions, picking up passengers, following rules, etc. You will also spend money for fuel, repairs, tolls, fines, etc. You can use your money to buy new buses or upgrade your existing ones. You can also unlock new features and items for your bus.

Why You Should Play Coach Bus Simulator 2019

Coach Bus Simulator 2019 is a game that offers many benefits for players of all ages and interests. Here are some reasons why you should play it:

It's Fun and Challenging

The game is fun and challenging because it tests your driving skills and your decision-making skills. You have to drive carefully and safely while dealing with various situations and scenarios. You have to balance between speed and safety while satisfying your passengers and clients. You have to manage your time and money while upgrading your bus and expanding your business.

It's Educational and Informative

The game is educational and informative because it teaches you about different aspects of coach bus driving and transportation. You will learn about different types of coach buses, their specifications, their features, their history, etc. You will learn about different countries and regions, their cultures, their landmarks, their geography, etc. You will learn about different traffic rules and regulations, their differences, their similarities, etc. You will learn about different weather conditions and their effects on driving. You will also improve your general knowledge and your vocabulary.

It's Relaxing and Immersive

The game is relaxing and immersive because it lets you enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere of different places. You can admire the beautiful landscapes, the stunning architecture, the diverse cultures, etc. You can also listen to the realistic sounds of the engine, the horn, the passengers, the traffic, etc. You can also listen to your own music or radio stations while driving. You can also adjust the time of day and the weather to suit your mood.


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