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Who Will Buy An Antique Stove _TOP_

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who will buy an antique stove

Note: Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a stove. We may consider adding an automatic shopping cart system as time goes on, but at this point, we would like to help you directly with your purchase. Thank you!

We do occasionally purchase vintage appliances for our inventory however we are very selective. If you think you have an item that would be of interest to us, please send us two pictures of the item by e-mail to John ( Both photos should represent a full view of the front, one with the doors open and one with the doors closed. Please tell us your location so that we can appropriately consider our costs as related to purchasing your antique.

Here at the Antique Stove Hospital we specialize in returning wood and coal stoves to day one condition. All stoves are totally disassembled, cleaned, parts welded or replaced as needed, caulked, reassembled, painted, new grates installed and nickel replaced. Our stoves are rebuilt one at a time from good original stoves and guaranteed to operate as they were designed. Kitchen ranges and parlor stoves are available. We carry stove that range from AD 1790 to AD 1930.

We are not a large operation that is restoring stoves on an assembly line. Each stove is personally attended to by Emery or Brandon Pineo and will not leave the shop until it is ready. We do not sell stoves as decorations or curios but for everyday use in your home. I am not a broker. With the exception of castings and nickel plating, all work is done here at the hospital. In rare cases when we are backed up for several months or a year we will give a customer the option of purchasing a stove wholesale with the understanding that it will be delivered by us to a trusted competitor and will be restored by that individual. This is ALWAYS known to the customer and generally is only in extreme circumstances with very large restorations when we are too far behind.

We maintain an inventory of about 300-400 stoves at all times. Call and we can discuss your wishes and the availability of the stoves. I prefer not to accept deposits on sales, but rather ask for payment when you are happy with the stove.

Stoves in Trade etc.We do take trades if you have a stove we can use. We are also open to other trades. My son is a collector of mechanical music: band organs, nickelodeons, disk music boxes etc. He also restores antique marine engines if they are prior to about WW 1. I like antique autos prior to WW 2 and both of us have Federal Firearms Licenses. I have a fondness for old double barrel shotguns. My first Golden Retriever was traded in on a stove; the best deal I ever made. So if you need a stove and have an interesting trade give us a call.

My wood and coal restoration has reached the point where I will be doing mostly the coal/wood end of the business and less in the gas area. We send most of our gas work out to a man who specializes in that work only.

You will see that many of the stoves on this site are sold. I do have around 350 right now in stock and we are restoring as fast as possible but cannot catch up. Folks have realized that a wood range may be very important one of these days and are buying now. If you see one you like you can order now and pick it up when it is done. Deposits; We do not take deposits. You tell us what stove you want, we restore it, then you decide if you like the stove. If you do not like the stove you are free to walk away.

If you think things are fine in the USA, you better think again1. My supplier of firebrick just closed after a lifetime of service.2. My supplier of sand blast materials just closed after being in business since 1837!3. My good nickel welding rod has been discontinued as it was too expensive to make.4. My nickel plater has closed and moved and is no where near up to speed.5. Every item I buy to work on stoves is getting more expensive at an accelerating rate.Everything is not OK. Best to get prepared as it looks like trouble is headed our way

We usually pay from nothing to about $300 for ranges. Some are more but they have to be very good, very unusual, or something we have an order for. When you buy you need to figure in the cost of restoration. Nickel can run to $400-$600 or so, a rebuild can run $1500 to do it correctly, and grates can cost $300-$400. Are any parts missing? They need to be found and paid for. That can run into real money. It is often less expensive to purchase a stove from our finished inventory unless you have a sentimental stove passed down from the family.

Just finished! Stewart Oak 180. Most stoves are prone to failures in certain areas if proper maintenance was not performed on a regular basis over the years. This example was no exception! This stove has hung around here for at least 20 years in outside storage due to a failed fire-pot. We have been actively seeking another fire-pot for that duration and it became apparent that this was a very common failure point for this model/brand. Without wanting to wait any longer on its restoration, we resolved to make a pattern for the fire-pot with some improvements to help combat future failure. It took may hours of carving and working on both metal and wood with all sorts of equipment to make our efforts successful, and the above results show why we took the time! A fine stove going back to its original placement in upstate New York for another century of service. (If anyone needs a fire-pot for a Stewart Oak in size 18 or 180, we would be more than happy to let you have use of our pattern.)

The Household Base Heater was the last of the base heaters designed in this style. Because of that fact, the makers learned from all of the mistakes made in the previous designs from the other companies. The result was the above pictured stove which is certainly the strongest and best designed of the famous Taunton-made base heaters; and also the most scarce and sought after! These were only made for a few years at the very end of the coal burning era when oil furnaces were beginning to be made. As a result, they are very hard to find today in any condition, and this one was found to have NO REPAIRS NEEDED internally when going through the restoration process. Needless to say, this is the finest of the base-heaters in the finest condition possible in the most desirable size! If you need, or are considering an efficient coal stove, this is the one for you. Do not wait as we will not have another in this condition. Sorry, just sold

Here is our new Goff Shot-blast machine. At my age it is getting very hard to dress up like Neil Armstrong on the moon and shovel all that sand in the sand blast room. We were also exhausting some dust from our blast room that was not harmful, but was a nuisance. We now have a completely self contained system that cleans the stove parts with tiny steel shot. It also reuses all the shot and collects all the dust and rust inside the dust collector in the background. Nothing leaves the building except fresh air. This was a huge expense but we feel it was worth the effort to protect the local environment, and ourselves. The finish on the castings is also much more smooth and makes for a finer appearance in finished work.

The Home Grand was the largest domestic range from the Glenwood Co. They were first sold in 1898 as the #8, and were considered to be the flagship range in New England for any modern home. The model was popular and made in various forms right up to World War 2. This #8 was purchased here long ago and some unforeseen devastating events led to this range living here for a quite a while longer. It is my pleasure to share that the customers hard times have passed as well as they can, and the stove has been sent along to its new home where it was destined many years ago. A very able range which has the ability to heat up to 4000 sq. feet in an open concept home!

This garage is one example of someone that could not part with the old stoves. Over the years it developed into a small collection of stoves. The place is now sold so they had to go. This is the third such garage I have been in this year. Two truckloads came from here to my barn. They will all be restored and put back into use.

Eventually they will go into some museum for future generations to appreciate. If you have a strange old stove that is probably too old for use. I would like to know about it. I do not sell these but will eventually donate them somewhere where they will be safe.

We prefer stoves made in this area for several reasons. One is that many stoves manufactured in the mid-west are part sheet metal and part cast iron. The pieces are riveted together and a rebuild requires drilling out all the rivets, removing lots of asbestos sheets, and putting all new rivets in when assembling the stove. The parts that wear are usually buried under the oven or in the back. I would rather eat a worm. Stoves in this area are plentiful and come apart easily. We can disassemble, replace parts etc., and reassemble without worrying about whether the parts will fit or not. If we have defective parts, they can be replaced or recast as needed. You end up with a better product.

What is involved in properly rebuilding a kitchen range?I have seen many examples of shoddy work in what was supposed to be a rebuilt range. Examples include just taking the cook surface off and sandblasting the stove whole to just a good washing with detergent. All may look good upon completion, but only one will last. See the below sections for the correct, long lasting rebuild process.

When the stove heats up, the metal expands and any loose caulking or rust tends to slide downward in the joints. That puts pressure on the lower corners of the stove. Dampness adds more rust and that rust grows and expands. Eventually it breaks the corner brackets and panels begin to move around which breaks more sections. In the end the stove falls apart in a heap. 041b061a72


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