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11 Batho Pele Principles Pdf 16

Is the African social value of ubuntu dead? Does it offer any hope for transforming South African society or fostering social cohesion? Is it able to play a meaningful role in the building of a post-Apartheid South African society that embodies reconciliation and is based on principles of justice and equality? Whether ubuntu could (or should) play such a role has been debated. Within the broad spectrum of positions, there are two generally opposing viewpoints amongst academics:

11 Batho Pele Principles Pdf 16


Enslin and Horsthemke (2004) are suspicious of some of the claims and principles associated with ubuntu. Ubuntu is specieist because of its focus on human beings. There are questions about whether it can include other cultures. They argue that ubuntu is contradicted, or weakened by the prevalence in Africa of autocratic rule, corruption, sexism, homophobia and the degradation of the environment. Furthermore, they question the value of ubuntu as a practical guide for policies or actions, arguing that it does not offer practical guidance for issues such as wasteful public expenditure or HIV and/or AIDS education. They conclude that ubuntu does not offer a solution as a foundation for a uniquely African form of democracy and question its value in citizenship education.


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