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SS Experiment Love Camp YIFY !!BETTER!!

Ghastly medical experiments are conducted on the lovely young lady inmates in a secret SS love camp in order to create a superior race. The wicked, but impotent commandant Colonel Von Kleiben (excellently essayed with suavely sadistic aplomb by Giorgio Cerioni) has the testicles of handsome and virile stud soldier Helmut (hunky Mircha Carven) transplanted into his body. When Helmut discovers that he's been severely mutilated, he assists the female prisoners in revolting against their vile and vicious Nazi captors. Director/co-writer Sergio Garrone really wallows in the unflinchingly raw and graphic sleaze: there's a ripe abundance of gratuitous distaff nudity, a group shower scene, a debauched orgy, seamy soft-core sex, and even lesbianism. Moreover, Garrone delivers the in-your-face harsh and disturbing brutality with unsparing explicitness: women are electrocuted, bloodied and mangled bodies are incinerated in a large oven, a couple of gals have their uterusses surgically removed, and the testicle transplant is every bit as gross and sickening as it ought to be. One especially nauseating sequence occurs when a hapless lass gets boiled alive in a vat of scalding hot water and subsequently gets frozen when the water temperature is turned down to a freezing cold level. Another equally appalling set piece features a frail, naked and seriously wounded virginal waif being hung upside down on a pole and slowly bleeding to death. Nice supporting performances by Paola Corazzi as gorgeous blonde political prisoner Mirelle, Attilio Dottesio as noted master surgeon Dr. Steiner, Serafino Profumo as a gruff, savage sergeant, and Patrizia Melega as the dedicated, but lascivious Dr. Renke. Maurizio Centini's rough, unpolished cinematography, the laughably crude dubbed dialogue, the spare, shuddery score by Vasili Kojucharov and Roberto Pregadio, and the downbeat ending all further enhance the awesomely ugly fun of this perfectly foul, putrid and offensive lump of choice crass Nazisploitation junk.

SS Experiment Love Camp YIFY

Sergio Garrone's SS Experiment Camp is one of the most infamous entries in that rather dodgy sub-genre known to fans as Nazisploitation, mostly thanks to its inclusion in the official UK video nasties list during the 1980s. And whilst it is certainly a film that is in very poor taste, using a Nazi torture camp as a backdrop for its tawdry tale of sex and violence, it is also a very silly one and one still worth watching if you're an exploitation completist.Giorgio Cerioni plays Colonel von Kleiben, head of a team of scientists who are experimenting on female political prisoners in an effort to advance the Arian race. But von Kleiben secretly has his own agenda: by conducting sex experiments using the Third Reich's most physically perfect soldiers, he is also hoping to locate the ideal donor for his intended 'testicle' transplant (his own knackers were bitten off!).After quite a lot of soft-core sex and the occasional nastier moment (a woman is boiled and then frozen, others have their eardrums burst, and one girl is shot and then hung upside-down), the film finally gets to deliver some truly memorable (and unintentionally funny) scenes. The testicle transplant is guaranteed to get men crossing their legs (particularly when the surgeon pops each nad out, snips and then places them in a tray) and the point when unwilling donor Helmut discovers, mid-shag, that his nuts are missing is hilarious.SS Experiment Camp may not the best example of the genre (both Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS and Gestapo's Last Orgy are better), but the film is still worth seeing, partly because of its infamy, but mostly because it includes the classic line, 'how have you been doing with my balls?'.5.5 out of 10 (rounded up to 6 for IMDb).

Okay, I honestly don't know why I watch movies like this. They handle about an unpleasant substance, the production values are extremely poor and the videostore lady always looks at you like you're some kind of dangerous psychopath when you rent them. Yet, these Nazi-exploitation movies have an enormous cult-value and they bring intriguing controversy. Well, usually that is, since this "SS Experiment Love Camp" is an utterly boring mess! The story is set in a vicious medical camp-base, where the best German soldiers are brought to copulate with resistant enemy women. Supposedly, this serves a higher purpose but they're never actually telling us what that might be. When a stud-soldier unexpectedly falls in love with his mating partner, his body is used for another much more vile - medical experiment, namely the world's very first testicle transplant! "SS Experiment Love Camp" is an infamous video-nasty and, although it really sounds like one, it's hardly worth calling a shocker. The repulsiveness is limited to a few sequences (a girl gets both boiled an iced in a water tank, another one is hung bleeding by her feet) while the rest is of the film talkative dullness about the superiority of the Third Reich etc etc... The cast of characters features your usual lesbian warden, a perverted elderly guard and a fugitive doctor. The camera-work is weak and the torture devices are pathetic. If you do feel the uncontrollable desire to watch a Nazi exploitation movie, you can never go wrong with "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" or Tinto Brass' "Salon Kitty". Please, do avoid this garbage at all costs.

LOVE CAMP 7 has gone down in the annals of Z-grade exploitation cinema for precisely two reasons. First, it's the first film in the exploitative 'Nazisploitation' sub-genre of films, typically featuring captives being experimented upon and variously humiliated, tortured and killed by participants of Hitler's cruel regime. Second, it was banned outright in the UK back in the 1980s, linking it with the infamous 'video nasties' scandal. Seen today, it's a pure skin flick with very little in it to actually offend, although it is tasteless. It plays out more as a prison film than a Nazi movie, and it has little of the depravity that the sub-genre would become known for in the 1970s with the likes of the ILSA franchise or the Italian versions of the story. Essentially this is an excuse for wall-to-wall nudity and sex scenes, with the bare bones of a plot about a couple of spies in the camp. The only good scene is the violent climax; the rest is oh-so-dull. 041b061a72


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