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Max Payne 3 Patch Fr Pc

Mouse Acceleration: Added as of the second patch, this option when set to Off forces Max Payne 3 to disable all mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration can result in non-linear responses to mouse movements, typically increasing the distance the mouse moves for faster movements, and decreasing mouse responsiveness for slower movements. Note that aside from mouse acceleration, the Target Slowdown setting under the Gameplay settings also has a similar impact on mouse responsiveness.

Max Payne 3 Patch Fr Pc

Aspect Ratio: This option was added as of the second patch. Auto is the recommended setting to implement the correct ratio of screen width to screen height for your monitor. When set to anything other than Auto, it forces the game to use the specified aspect ratio, such as 4:3 or 5:4 for traditional CRT monitors and older LCD monitors, or 16:9 or 16:10 for more recent widescreen monitors. To check if you are using the correct aspect ratio, look at the circular load/save icon which frequently appears at the bottom left corner of the screen - it should be perfectly round, not oval-shaped.

Once again, to correctly apply Water Quality, change the setting, then exit and reload the checkpoint, or exit and restart the game. If applied correctly, your water should look like the first set of screenshots above, not the second. This glitch will be resolved in an upcoming patch for Max Payne 3.

There are certain areas which highlight MSAA's superiority to FXAA. For example, look at the vertical lines holding the suspended lights to the left of Max. Unlike FXAA, even 2xMSAA can reduce the harsh look of these without resulting in broken outlines; and with 4x or 8xMSAA they're quite smooth. The second patch for Max Payne 3 has also improved the antialiasing of shadows when using MSAA. Look at the shadows on the ground on the left side of the screenshot with no MSAA, then see how increasing amounts of MSAA now progressively smooth these out. FXAA cannot smooth shadow edges the same way. There were some initial issues with MSAA which resulted in a white outline appearing around Max and other characters, depending upon the lighting in the scene. NVIDIA has worked with Rockstar Games to resolve this issue, and a fix has been incorporated into the latest patch.

A major caveat of shootdodging is when Max has to get up from laying on the ground which he can still aim and fire his weapon but there is a significant duration which he won't be able to fire his weapons with ease and be vulnerable. So if he simply jumps to the middle of a room that is flanked by enemies from multiple directions, he'll be caught in a cross fire within a second. If Max can/cannot dispatch all of his enemies in his immediate line of sight in mid air he now has the option to continue to lay on the ground from his shootdodge and continue shooting. In the third game, shootdodging is highly recommended to be planned ahead either by jumping towards a spot behind a cover or be used to take down the last few remaining enemies in his area within his line of sight that will end in a cinematic kill-cam along with a shootdodge.

Following the popular trend seen with other new game releases, buyers who pre-order Max Payne 3 will receive exclusive goods. The first announced bonus was the Cemetery multiplayer map.[15] Other revealed bonuses include the Silent Killer multiplayer loadout pack and the first paid multiplayer DLC of the game for free.[27] Pre-ordering from the British-based merchant, customers will receive a unique bullet-style pen.[28] offers the Deadly Force multiplayer burst as a bonus, while some Canadian and South African retailers add a real physical U.F.E. patch to the pre-order of the game.[29][30][31] The next announced pre-order incentive was the Pill Bottle loadout item.[32] Toys R Us offers the highly sought-after multiplayer character skin - the Max Payne-appearance Max Payne (which is not even included in the Classic Character Pack).[33]

This is a pretty old trick by findlestick that has several different setups. However, a few of them have been patched, so we'll focus on the one use of the trick that still works and actually comes in handy during a speedrun.

Over the recent years there have emerged a good number of skips and other glitchy timesaves in Max Payne 3, so some explanation might be in order!# List of all known skips & tricksHere's a spreadsheet that lists all the known tricks & skips so far, complete with video links, if you just want a quick overview. _yifFZhYnnMEWSzxzFj2Mingh-tpd3CZay0SU/edit?usp=sharing# Trick explanation## Future Data - Part 1 (a brief explanation)-----------------------------------------------------------Future data is a glitch that allows the player to trigger the next cutscene that is loaded in the memory earlier than intended.## Future Data - Part 2 (a less brief explanation)-----------------------------------------------------------------A few words about the structure of Max Payne 3. You could imagine it to be like a long path of Rooms (or Checkpoints) that often have a cutscene in between them. Max needs to hit invisible "progression triggers" to move forward on this path. Progression triggers activate when certain conditions are fulfilled, for instance when all enemies in the room are killed or Max walks near an exit door. Two progression triggers are needed each time to fully enter a new Checkpoint.In terms of game structure, future data is an exploit that lets Max take one step (and ONLY one step) forward on this path at any moment the player chooses. Max will appear at the next cutscene all of a sudden, even before the game might be ready for it. But since you only move one step forward instead of the required two, most uses of future data result in a softlock.If you know how the triggers of the game work, you can sometimes set up a situation where Max gets to move the full two steps with future data. For instance, you can make Max first teleport to the next cutscene and from there directly to next Checkpoint because you ALSO fulfilled the normal requirements for making progress for that Checkpoint. You hit two progression triggers early for the price of one.Instances like this where you actually make progress can come in handy during a speedrun, helping Max skip navigation between areas, some small combat sections - and most importantly - long stretches of unskippable cutscene.As for *why* this glitch is possible at all, this is my theory: Max Payne 3 appears to have two types of different Pause-menu, the regular Pause-menu and a cinematic Pause-menu. The latter has a flag to it that tells the game to "pause or resume currently playing cutscene" whenever the game is paused or unpaused. So, what future data does is that it allows the player to toggle this flag at an arbitrary time during normal gameplay, forcing the game to resume playing a cinematic even if no cinematic is currently playing. As a result, the game plays a cinematic that is only loaded in memory so far and sends Max to its coordinates. Along with a myriad of side effects... and the rest is chaos.## Future Data - Part 3 (How to set up the glitch)-----------------------------------------------------------------So how to do this elusive "future data"? It's basically a two-part glitch - first part is setting it up and second part using it.* Step 1: enter a skippable in-game cutscene.* Step 2: on PC / kb+m **press Esc and Enter simultaneously**.* Step 3: if you get the timing right, you should see the text "Pause" appear on the screen at the same time as the screen begins fading out. Now, **it's important that you unpause the game before the fade-out is complete** or the game will almost certainly crash afterwards.* Step 4: after unpausing, the future data is now set up and it remains in the background until you choose to use it.## Future Data - Part 4 (Troubleshooting)--------------------------------------------------------* having VSync on / off or what frame rate you have may influence how easy it is to do this glitch. Different runners seem to have different preferences regarding this, though.* don't try to press Esc and Enter while the cutscene is already Paused. This doesn't work. Only attempt to start this glitch while the cutscene is running.* on console there is some extra lag when Pausing game, so you must first "skip" and shortly afterwards attempt to Pause the game. I think it's easier to do this trick on PC than on console because the timing is far more predictable on PC.* if you see the regular Pause-menu instead of the cinematic Pause-menu while the fade-out is happening, then you don't get a future data buffer. It's a rare timing related thing, but in my experience it's not too big a problem on PC. It tends to happen more frequently on console because of the more unstable timing.## Future Data - Part 5 (Using the glitch)-------------------------------------------------------To use future data, just Pause the game whenever you want during gameplay. If the next cutscene is loaded in memory, Max suddenly teleports to it, although the specifics of when and how the game loads things varies a lot between areas. If nothing happens, try using the glitch again elsewhere.If something obviously glitchy happens and you suddenly see Max doing some cutscene actions from in-game camera, then you have successfully used future data. However, in case you hadn't fulfilled all secondary conditions for reaching next Checkpoint, Max only gets stuck at the end of the combined cutscene. So figuring out how to successfully use future data in a given Checkpoint can be something of a puzzle in itself...Future data is a one-time use glitch. Once you've created some sort of a glitchy result with it, the future data buffer disappears. You then have to go and set it up again to use it once more.An example of a future data skip (Chapter 2-6): =Dxq-ob3rv_s## Future Data - Part 6 (Misc notes)------------------------------------------------It goes without saying, but you can't use any variation of future data that requires Max to be in Last Man Standing on Old School-mode, where it is disabled.Sometimes the outcome of future data changes drastically depending on Max's state when you activate the glitch. If you start future data while shootdodging or prone, Max's movement is restricted during the combined cutscene. Starting future data during bullet time cam or in-game cutscenes can also change some factors, for instance if Max is vulnerable or immortal during the combined cutscene.One thing you generally shouldn't try to do is try to activate future data during another cinematic / skippable cutscene. This almost certainly makes the future data buffer vanish harmlessly.There is an alternative way to start future data, and that is to retry while running into certain cutscenes while doing a so-called "glitched Pause-menu" at the same time. But this is pretty much a specialized console-only tactic because glitched Pause-menu is very difficult to do on PC.## Future Data - Part 7 (Restarting future data?)-----------------------------------------------------------------A buffered future data is persistent and won't disappear even if you quit current game session and go to another level via level select. So it can occasionally be a viable tactic in Story-mode runs to quit the campaign and use Chapter Select to go elsewhere to set up future data again for a new skip that is coming up.As for where to go to restart future data? A good place for doing this has two requirements: 1, you have to have a quick access to a skippable cutscene. And 2, there are no new loading triggers around that would make the player lose future data upon opening Pause-menu to quit back to main menu.Here are the currently known best locations to restart future data:__Chapter 1-7__* Info: waiting for a few seconds activates a failure cutscene which is skippable. Don't attempt to skip the cutscene until the fade-in is complete, though - Pause-menu won't open during the fade-in.* Pros 1: fairly fast to set up. The location also makes it easy to retry if you don't get a future data the first try, which is useful if you don't have a full grasp on starting the glitch consistently yet.* Pros 2: this level is extremely easy to reach through the level select, it's just a few presses away.__Chapter 2-7__* Info: shoot the enemies in the area. Skip the cutscene that starts afterwards.* Pros: this could be one of the fastest places where to restart future data if you're good at this set piece.* Cons: some RNG from enemy behavior.__Chapter 11-8__* Info: play the piano. The piano has a skippable cutscene you can use to restart future data.* Pros: this is the fastest known method to restart future data at the moment. Might save 4-5 seconds over the above locations. It's also easy to try again if you don't get it at once.* Cons: to reach Chapter 11-8, you have to do some extra menuing in the main menu, which is tricky to do fast.## Sky jump-----------------This is a pretty old trick by findlestick that has several different setups. However, a few of them have been patched, so we'll focus on the one use of the trick that still works and actually comes in handy during a speedrun.In simplest terms:* Step 1: climb a medium-sized height with Max and try to pick up a gun during the climb.* Step 2: buffer a shootdodge to some direction before the climb is over.* Step 3: after shootdodging, Max will slide to the weapon that he tried to pick up, and if there are any sharp angles of collision on his path, he may gain unexpected, large bouts of height.Example of a sky jump in Chapter 5: =CftdTWMVWBo## Explosion High Jump---------------------------------If you shootdodge into explosions, Max may get launched surprisingly high. This is easy to do yourself with a rocket launcher. Grenade launcher works, but is very finicky to use. This tactic could have a theoretical use in the Chapters where Max has access to grenade or rocket launchers.Findlestick's demonstration: =CMPWWufd7uE# Chapter 1This part of the guide offers more context and reasoning behind how the skips in the game work. For video links and a complete list of skips, see the Google Docs guide above.* Future data is hereafter referred to as "FD".* Some skips have two Chapter numbers to them. This is because unpatched console and PC actually have a different number of Checkpoints in some levels. The latter number refers to the PC version.## Chapter 1-4 (FD skip)* Total timesave: around 10 seconds* Instructions: activate future data *after the last thug kicks open the double doors*. Don't bother shooting the thug, as this is slower. Max is sent to Chapter 1-5 early. You are able to kill three of the four enemies from the next fight during the combined cutscene if you stay in cover and use bullet time.* Side effect 1: if you leave cover during the combined cutscene, Max will most likely fall through the ground. This is harmless, but it does prevent you from multi-tasking and fighting the enemies during the combined cutscene.* Side effect 2: if you only wound but not kill some of the thugs during the combined cutscene, they may appear behind the closed gate as combat begins. You sometimes also have to re-kill the thugs standing in t-pose or else the Checkpoint won't progress. Worst case scenario is that you have to retry from last Checkpoint, but this should be pretty rare.## Chapter 1-8 (FD skip)* Total timesave: around 80 seconds* Instructions: activate future data *during the bullet time cam of shooting the last thug*. This makes the game skip a part of the Chapter 1 outro.# Chapter 2## Chapter 2-6 (FD skip) (Retry required)* Total timesave: around 80 seconds?* Instructions: activate future data *after running a few seconds inside the restaurant while in Last Man Standing*. This sends Max to Chapter 2-7 early, skipping a long unskippable cutscene. Max dies of Last Man Standing shortly thereafter, but game continues normally after you choose to retry.* Note: the reason why you're recommended to be in Last Man Standing when activating future data is because the combined cutscene continues during Chapter 2-7 and the level is impossible to beat until you retry. Waiting for the thugs to kill Giovanna is an option, but it's not as fast as just using Last Man Standing.## Chapter 2-14 (Other)* Total timesave: around 20 seconds.* Instructions: this is a little parkour skip that uses shootdodge to skip most of the fighting in the level.Simply put, your objective is to get to the connecting ceiling and from there run to the level exit. First, shoot the two thugs while running down the stairs. Then turn right to climb the ventilation boxes that are right next to the railing. After climbing, take a step forward and walk right to go next to the railing. Crouch. Aim over Max's right shoulder so that the reticle points at the right edge of the green pipe that runs at an angle downwards. You have to offset your aim a little depending on Max's position - if you did a long step forward, it help to aim slightly more to the right than usual. When you think your positioning is perfect, do a shootdodge forward. With a bit of luck Max lands on top of the railling and from there you can run and shootdodge to get on top of the roof.## Chapter 2-14 (FD skip)* Total timesave: around 55 seconds.* Instructions: activate future data *when reaching the amulet at the last part of the level*. This makes the game skip a part of the Chapter 2 outro.# Chapter 3## Chapter 3-2 (FD skip) (Retry optional)* Total timesave: around 120 seconds (minus setup).* Instructions: activate future data *at the last corner before reaching the doors that lead to Chapter 3-3*. This sends Max to Chapter 3-3 early, skipping a long unskippable cutscene.* Side effect 1: Chapter 3-3 cannot begin normally until the combined cutscene is over. Fastest way to end it is to retry, and the fastest way to force a retry is to *kill Passos* during the combined cutscene.Note: you don't have a future data buffer to do this skip if you already did the Chapter 2-14 skip. In a Story-mode run, it's probably necessary to exit game and go set up future data elsewhere using Chapter Select before resuming Story-mode.## Chapter 3-3 (FD skip) (Retry optional)* Total timesave: 15 seconds* Instructions: activate future data *after dealing with all enemies in the area*. This sends Max to Chapter 3-4 early.* Side effect 1: unless you were shootdodging or lying prone when activating future data, Max will fall through the floor when exiting the elevator.* Side effect 2: Chapter 3-4 cannot begin properly until the combined cutscene is over. Once again, the fastest way to end the combined cutscene is to force a retry, and the fastest way to force a retry is to *shoot Passos while falling through the ground*. But succeeding in this seems entirely luck-based... this is not a particularly easy or fun skip to pull off.Note: you don't have a future data buffer to do this skip if you're playing on Story-mode and did the previous skip. So in that category it's best to not use this skip altogether.## Chapter 3-5 (FD skip) (Only for console)* Total timesave: 120 seconds* Instructions: activate future data *at any time while in the staircase area*. This sends Max to Chapter 3-6 early.* Side effect 1: you can't continue playing the game until the combined cutscene is over. Shooting Passos during the few seconds you have control of Max after starting the glitch is the easiest way to accomplish this.Note: this skip is not useful on PC because the cutscene it would skip is already naturally skippable on PC.## Chapter 3-6 (FD skip) (Retry required)* Total timesave: 15 seconds* Instructions: activate future data *while shootdodging or lying prone after gameplay resumes after the fight*. This sends Max to Chapter 3-7 early, skipping the flac jacket cutscene.* Side effect 1: you can't continue


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