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DevExpress VCL Components For.rar __FULL__

This 30-day trial includes all DevExpress .NET, ASP.NET Core and HTML/JavaScript components and libraries (for web and desktop application development). Click the button to the right to initiate download.Registration not required.

DevExpress VCL Components For.rar

The DevExtreme web development component suite includes a comprehensive collection of 65+ high-impact and responsive UI components for use in traditional web and next-gen mobile apps. To begin your evaluation, select your desired development platform on the right.

With the DevExpress range of user interface and experience (UI & UX) components, .NET and Visual Studio developers can create and deliver responsive, interactive, and high-performance line-of-business applications across Windows, web, and mobile platforms. The powerful functionality of DevExpress developer tools ensures advanced and sophisticated user experiences that mimic enterprise grade apps, enabling staff to work more productively.

DevExpress brings your data to life. It allows you to produce rapid decision analysis, support solutions, and analytics dashboards with a fully integrated collection of UI reporting tools, dashboards, and controls. All DevExpress components can be purchased individually; however, they also come as an all-in-one bundle with the DevExpress Universal subscription. With over 600 Windows desktop and web controls, enterprise and server tools, and every other component provided by DevExpress, Universal is the most comprehensive development component on the market, making it incredibly cost-effective.


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