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How To Save Your Game In Dead Space 3 Chapter 14 NEW!

How to Save Your Game in Dead Space 3 Chapter 14

Dead Space 3 is a survival horror game that challenges you to face terrifying enemies and environments. In Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place, you have to collect the Rosetta samples from different sectors of the alien city and assemble them in a machine that can decipher their language. This is a crucial step to stop the Necromorph outbreak and save humanity.

How to Save Your Game in Dead Space 3 Chapter 14

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But how do you save your game in this chapter? Unlike some other games, Dead Space 3 does not have a manual save option. You can only rely on the automatic checkpoints that are triggered by certain events or locations. This means that you have to be careful not to quit the game or turn off your console before reaching a checkpoint, or you will lose your progress.

Fortunately, there are several checkpoints in Chapter 14 that can help you save your game. Here are some of them:

  • The beginning of the chapter, after you exit the cargo lift and enter the alien city.

  • The entrance of each sector (Biology, Paleontology, Geology) where you have to collect the Rosetta samples.

  • The end of each sector, after you collect the Rosetta sample and return to the elevator.

  • The room where you have to assemble the Rosetta samples in the correct order.

  • The end of the chapter, after you activate the machine and watch the cutscene.

You can also use the save slots at the start of each chapter, which are available in slots 2-15 of your game menu. These save slots are created by a mod that you can download and install from here. This mod is compatible with the English version of Dead Space 3 on Origin. To use it, extract the files to My Documents\Electronic Arts\Dead Space folder. Be careful not to overwrite any save slot that you want to keep.

We hope this article helped you learn how to save your game in Dead Space 3 Chapter 14. For more tips and guides on Dead Space 3, check out this walkthrough of Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place.

How to Collect the Rosetta Samples in Chapter 14

In order to collect the Rosetta samples, you have to explore three different sectors of the alien city: Biology, Paleontology, and Geology. Each sector has a different theme and a different type of enemy. You can choose the order in which you visit them, but you have to collect all three samples before you can proceed to the next part of the chapter.

The Rosetta samples are large slabs of alien material that contain information about their language and culture. They are stored in cylindrical containers that you have to open with your kinesis module. Once you open a container, you have to grab the sample with your kinesis and carry it to the elevator that leads back to the main hub. Be careful not to drop the sample or let it get damaged by enemies or environmental hazards.

Each sector has its own challenges and puzzles that you have to overcome in order to reach the Rosetta sample. For example, in the Biology sector, you have to deal with a giant creature called the Nexus that can freeze you with its breath. In the Paleontology sector, you have to navigate through a maze of bones and fossils. In the Geology sector, you have to avoid lava flows and volcanic eruptions.

How to Assemble the Rosetta Samples in Chapter 14

After you collect all three Rosetta samples, you have to assemble them in a machine that can translate their language. The machine is located in a room near the main hub, where you will also find Ellie and Carver waiting for you. To access the machine, you have to use your kinesis module to move a large metal door out of the way.

The machine consists of a circular platform with six slots for the Rosetta samples. You have to place each sample in the correct slot according to its shape and size. The samples are numbered from 1 to 6, and each slot has a corresponding number on it. You can use your kinesis module to rotate the platform and align the samples with the slots.

The correct order of the samples is: 1-3-6-5-4-2. Once you place all six samples in their slots, the machine will activate and display a holographic image of an alien head. This is Rosetta, the leader of the alien race that built the city and the machine. She will speak to you in her language and reveal some important information about the origin and purpose of the Markers and the Necromorphs. 04f6b60f66


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