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Archipp Likhachev
Archipp Likhachev

Sasaki To Miyano

On the day of the school's Festival, Sasaki and Miyano go to a place to talk in private. And there, Sasasaki confesses his feelings for Miyano. Miyano doesn't seem taken aback by this and instead asks Sasaki what does he like about him. When Sasaki answers "his face", Miyano runs away nervously. And ends up wearing a face mask to school on the following days because he's very self-conscious about his face since he had been told in the past that his face looks "like a girl's," which he doesn't like. So this makes things awkward for the two of them later, although some jealous moments from Sasaki still happen. Like when Miyano meets with the girl he used to be attracted to. When Sasaki shyly asks him if he likes her, Miyano replies that he used to, but not anymore, which makes Sasaki hopeful. Also, one day as the two of them were walking home, Sasaki says they look like a couple, which doesn't seem to bother Miyano. This makes Sasaki blush.

Sasaki to Miyano




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