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Flash Memory Toolkit 1.20 Pro Download

Flash Memory Toolkit is free software developed by EFD Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. The software works well with any standard flash memory pens and USB thumb devices. The toolkit scans all sectors on the internal device for obsolete files and invalid entries. If you want to clean up their memory, this software provides safe erase function. The Flash Memory Toolkit scans for obsolete files and invalid entries in Windows operating system. You can use this tool for Windows 2021, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Flash Memory Toolkit 1.20 Pro download

EFD Software developed a flash memory toolkit utility that helps to protect your digital camera, memory sticks, digital cameras and mobile phones. This utility can work well with Windows 2021, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The toolkit helps you easily transfer data to and from your computer or flash drives using Microsoft compatible Windows interface. You can also scan hard disks for obsolete files and invalid entries. You can also clear your hard disk or USB drive of unwanted data to free space.

It is important to back up all your valuable data. You can even back up your data from an internet or networked computer. It is better to remove all files from the removable media such as flash drives, memory sticks and other removable media. However, if you do not format the device or erase any file, you cannot use the utility. The Flash Memory Toolkit utility frees you from all the hassles of formatting the device or backing up your removable media.

Changes since previous release:Aaro Koskinen (2): less: make -E work install: implement -t DIRAri Sundholm (2): df: implement -T option df: fix -T option when ENABLE_FEATURE_HUMAN_READABLE=0Bartosz Golaszewski (17): gitignore: ignore files generated by 'make test' sort: remove a magic number from compare_keys() sort: check global flags on fallback sort ntpd: fix compilation warnings top: fix compilation warnings grep: properly handle grep -w "^str" in !EXTRA_COMPAT case too Kbuild: move CONFIG_PAM to general configuration shuf: fix a segfault on 'shuf -e' shuf: improve help text docs: update new-applet-HOWTO.txt find: add optional support for '-exec ... +' libbb: use a wrapper around sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) to save a few bytes unit-tests: implement the unit-testing framework Rename INIT_LAST to INIT_FUNC to avoid confusion gitignore: add testsuite/echo-ne libbb: use sendfile() to copy data between file descriptors Config: select PLATFORM_LINUX if using sendfile()Baruch Siach (2): nandwrite: fix build when long options are disabled nanddump: don't show --bb in usage when disabledBernhard Reutner-Fischer (1): libbb: provide usleep() fallback implementationCristian Ionescu-Idbohrn (1): tail: adjust help/usage textsDavid Marchand (1): modinfo: fix module parsing with kernel >= 2.6.37Denys Vlasenko: *: add conditional support for -v / --verbose *: exit with 127 if applet name wasn't found - it's more POSIXy ash,hush: do not segfault on $((2**63 / -1)) ash,hush: fix a thinko about 2^64-1 factorization ash,hush: improve randomness of $RANDOM, add easy-ish way to test it ash,hush: run reinit_unicode() only if makes sense ash,hush: set $HOSTNAME is bash compat. Closes 7028 ash: factor out ASH_HELP config option ash: fix handling of negative start value in $v:start:len ash: fix off-by-one in "jobs %4" handling. Closes 7310 ash: in bash compat mode, always export $SHLVL ash: make "local VAR" unset VAR (bash does that) ash: make $#var unicode-aware awk: fix handling of "if ... break ; else ..." - closes 7226 crond: implement "SHELL=prog" in crontab. Export LOGNAME as POSIX wants crond: simplify logging code du, copy_file: fix file matching on cramfs. Closes 5456 fakeidentd: simplify ndelay manipulations false: make "false --help" exit with 1 find: exit code fixes for find -exec find: fix a regression introduced with -HLP support find: support -perm /BITS. Closes 7340 find: use sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX) to determine the command-line size limit ftpd: do not use root_fd if we are not in chroot ftpd: escape chroot prior to re-executing ls helper ftpd: for LIST, open current directory *in the child* ftpd: make LIST command show dotfiles too ftpd: support deprecated XPWD command getty: set tty attrs so that control chars are shown as ^c grep: fix "grep -r PATTRN SYMLINK_TO_DIR" grep: fix -w match if first match isn't a word, but second is. Closes 4520 grep: fix two bugs with -w hush: make "true" built-in hush: make $#var unicode-aware hwclock: fix setting of tz_minuteswest. Closes 5414 init: do not run shutdown/reexec actions from signal handler init: if libc-based Unicode support is on, run setlocale(LC_ALL, "") at startup ip link: add support for "address ETHADDR". Closes 4862 less: accept and ignore -s less: disable "suppress empty wraparound" optimization less: fix bugs discovered with "git log -p less -m" on kernel tree less: move "retry-on-EAGAIN" logic closer to read ops libarchive: add capability to unpack to mem.buffer libarchive: open_zipped() does not need to check extensions for e.g. gzip libbb/obscure.c: code shrink. Suggested by Tito. libbb: FreeBSD fix for B baud rate constants not fitting into a short libbb: don't die if crypt() returns NULL libbb: fix a bad check for uclibc >= 0.9.31 libbb: fix bb_ask() to flush input before prompt, not after. Closes 7190 libbb: fix compile failure if both ARG_MAX and _SC_ARG_MAX are defined libbb: fix empty PATH components handling libbb: fix parsing of "10101010" date/time form libbb: fix thinko in rtc_xopen() libbb: if opening /dev/loopN returns ENXIO, don't try N++ libbb: make rtc_xopen try harder on EBUSY libbb: make syslog level for bb_error_msg's configurable. use it in crond libbb: open_zipped() should not fail on non-compressed files libbb: use ARG_MAX for bb_arg_max() only if it's 60k+ lineedit: don't fall back to simple line input if tty is in raw mode ls: make "ls -s DIR" show total too. Closes 4946 lzop: add overflow check make xmalloc_open_zipped_read_close result NUL terminated man: accept a list of dirs in $MANPATH man: default to ascii man: do not mangle $MANPATH in memory mdev: treat zero-length /dev/mdev.seq the same as "\n" one. Closes 7334 modprobe,rmmod: reject module names with slashes modprobe-small: (un)load all modules which match the alias, not only first one modprobe-small: fix help messages for aliased module-related applets modprobe-small: fix safe_strncpy truncating last char of module name modprobe-small: remove redundant aliases from nc: fix option bit positions. Closes 6926 networking/ssl_helper: experimental matrixssl-based ssl helper networking: explain isrv_run() API ntpd: add optional support for /etc/ntp.conf ntpd: add support for -I IFACE ntpd: adjust last packet's recv time after a step ntpd: be less eager to use shorter poll intervals ntpd: fix wrong delay value in one of the printed messages ntpd: remove now unnecessary check for IP_PKTINFO definition ntpd: truly ignore high delay packet ping: revert "try SOCK_DGRAM if no root privileges" platform.h: undef HAVE_STRCHRNUL only on correct versions of FreeBSD rtcwake: fix incorrect (reversed) rtc/sys adjuestment; code shrink script: make it work even if fd 0 is closed sed: fix "sed CMD -i nonexistent_file". Closes 7484 sed: fix a buglet in s///NUM handling sendmail: make -f optional, document its default value sha3: add 32-bit optimized bit-sliced implementation sha3: code shrink (and speedup for SHA3_SMALL=0) shuf: new applet sysctl: do not error out showing write-only data. Closes 6386 syslogd: make "-O -" log to stdout tar: fix "tar -cJ" ignoring -J option. Closes 7706 tar: tighten up pax header validity check taskset: fix logic error in "if it doesn't start with 0x..." taskset: support CPU masks for more than 64 CPUs test: fix mishandling of "test '(' = '('" and similar tftpd: support full 512-byte requests tftpd: tweak HP PA-RISC firmware bug compatibility top: fix memset length (sizeof(ptr) vs sizeof(array) problem) trylink: emit names of linked executables ubiupdatevol: fix -t to not require an option. Closes 7466 udhcpc: account for script run time udhcpc: don't use BPF filter, users report problems (bugs 4598, 6746) udhcpc: fix BPF filter. Hopefully fixes the root cause of 4598 and 6746 udhcpc: ignore NAKs from "wrong" servers. Closes 4267 udhcpc: in comments, explain the kind of raw socket we create udhcpc: make hostname sanitization optional. Closes 3979 udhcpd: if a lease from lease file coincides with a static one, ignore it vi: clear undo buffer when we change to another file vi: fix incorrect memory access on brace matching. Closes 7256 wget: add commented-out code to use ssl_helper instead of openssl wget: add support for https using "openssl s_client" as a helper wget: fix a case where progress bar isn't updated if writes are very slow wget: fix use-after-free of ->user. Closes 6836 xargs: add support for -I and -i. Closes 493 zcat: complain if input is not compressedDrew Moseley (1): build system: specify '-nostldlib' when linking to .o filesEugene Rudoy (1): iplink: fix build with kernel versions prior to 2.6.23Florian Fainelli (1): ping: add -p to specify data patternIsaac Dunham (1): unlink: new appletJacob Kjaergaard (1): flashcp: change BUFSIZE to 4kJeremy Kerr (1): udhcp: add PXELINUX path prefix option (code 210) definitionJody Bruchon (1): vi: undo support for vi with intermediate queuingJohn Spencer (1): man: parse "DEFINE pager" in configJoshua Judson Rosen (5): syslogd: avoid spurious ftrunctate() calls for "-b 0" syslogd: remember to un-writelock log-files even when called with "-b 0" syslogd: Unify unlink/truncate + unlock log-rotation logic syslogd: syslogd: don't *decrement* log_file->size on write failures syslogd: make "reopen log file every second" logic work for multiple logsKaarle Ritvanen (2): ifupdown: support 'link' address family sendmail: use FQDN in default envelope senderKen Sharp (1): zcip: fix link-local IP conflic


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